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About Instar Community Services

Instar Community Services Front Desk

Instar Community Services is a community based State of Montana approved clinic offering a comprehensive range of services to people who face legal or personal issues surrounding substance use, gambling, and/or mental health.

We provide care that is Person centered, trauma informed, evidenced based, and culturally responsive.

Terri Russell, LAC
Terri Russell, LAC

Our History

Terri has over 10 year’s experience as a licensed addiction counselor with the State of Montana. She has worked in both outpatient and inpatient treatment facilities and skilled with completing chemical dependency evaluations, leading groups, and providing individualized counseling. She is also a trained Prime For Life facilitator.

She has had a private practice (Instar Solutions) in Helena for many years until 2018 when her dream to open a state approved cd clinic came to fruition in thanks to the 2017 Montana legislature removing a 35 year old law that limited state approved services to only one in a county.

Terri believes a person’s dignity can be restored as they face the multi-faceted issues surrounding substance use and mental health. Her personal interests include spending time fishing, boating, camping, and baking one of her “out of this world” pies

We also have other valuable employees that provide peer support services, mental health services, addiction services, financial assistant services, and scheduling services.

Our commitment to the well being of our clients includes working in collaboration with other healthcare providers and community agencies to ensure the total needs of our clients are met.

Peer Support and Recovery Coaches

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Michael Accardi, Peer Support/Recovery Coach
Michael Accardi, Peer Support/Recovery Coach
Bob Stewart, Peer Support/Recovery Coach
Bob Stewart, Peer Support/Recovery Coach