Who are our Peer Support Specialists?

Our team at Instar Community Services includes State of Montana Certified Behavioral Health Peer Support Specialists (CBHPSS). They are able to help others establish goals for recovery and practice new skills, monitor progress, provide support and be an advocate in helping them find effecive services.

How to access peer support services:

You are welcome to call us at (406) 422-4828 and make an appointment or stop by the clinic and visit with one of our peer support specialists.

CBHPSS provide structured activites that promote socialization, self-advocacy, development of natural supports, crisis management, effective use of treatment services, positive coping skill, symtom management, and facilitates the use of community resourses and supports.

Instar Community Services Counseling

Peer Support provides

  • Coaching to restore skills
  • Self-advocacy support
  • Crisis and Relapse support
  • Positive coping skills
  • Facilitates the use of community resources and support